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100 Burpee Challenge at 281 Lbs in 20 Minutes

I’ve been on a burpee kick for a few months now. Having started with only five burpees on day one, I’ve come a long way. A few weeks ago I wrote about how I did 105 burpees one night. I wasn’t able to record it since it was a spontaneous thing, but this time around I set out to record myself pumping out 100 burpees. I weigh 281 lbs, so this isn’t easy. Don’t try this at home folks. Seriously. You could get some kind of heart attack. Obese individuals like myself should be very careful when performing such strenuous exercise. Don’t worry about me, I’m a freak when it comes to these things so I’m safe…

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Getting Back Up…..

Like most people, I find myself wanting to lose some inches and weight. So I went back into the gym, I am watching what I am eating, and I even hired a personal trainer. But with all of this, I still found myself wanting a little something more to kick my ass. So I decided to join a class called Bootcamp.