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Find that Motivating Factor

It is absolutely crucial that you find the right motivating factor as you embark on your weight loss journey. Without the right motivation you will get sidetracked and quit. It’s that simple. You may be able to survive on you initial burst of enthusiasm for a few weeks, but if you are like most yo-yo […]

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A Tip or Two for Motivation…

It is no secret that getting motivated to work out is sometimes as easy as threading a camel through the eye of a needle. We all have things going on: errands to run, dinners to cook; and fitting a workout into the schedule can be nearly impossible. But if you find something that you enjoy […]

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Motivation and How Do We Find It?

May third, really the forth as it’s just after midnight. Israel had asked me if I was interested in writing for him here, he and I have been talking a lot of paintball and even more Internet. At first I was really taken back, I have little respect for my writing ability but as of […]