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America’s Nutrition

I have recently been getting my supplements and accessories from America’s Nutrition. These guys have got everything you could possibly need for your body’s growth and development. From weight loss and body building, vitamins, supplements, bath and beauty, sexual health, and even more!! I was quite impressed by their customer service. Their delivery was quick […]

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Eating Paper to Lose Weight

Back in junior high school I was a typical fat kid. Uncomfortable in my own skin, I took the joke a science teacher once told and tried eating paper to lose weight. Now this isn’t a case of pica or some other eating disorder, I only tried it for a few days before I decided […]

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Former Fat Guy Rob Cooper On Diet and Nutrition

Last week I posted a fitness interview with Rob Cooper. He is the guy that lost 300 lbs the natural way. This week we will focus on his diet and nutrition. We can stand to learn something from his weight loss journey. Health wise, I think continual learning is crucial and Rob’s insights provide that. […]