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Treadmill Tricks

Not only do I love to run, but I love the treadmill. A bit odd for someone who has self-diagnosed A.D.D., but it’s true; I find it easier to run on the treadmill versus the pavement. With colder weather right around the corner, most outdoor fans are forced to transition to indoor workouts. I know […]

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A Useful Site for Treadmill Seekers

In the market for a new treadmill? Before you jump in to buying a new machine, take a minute and do your research. There are many different models on the market, and finding the right treadmill to meet your needs is important if you want to continue using it after you make your purchase. A […]

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Getting Back Up…..

Like most people, I find myself wanting to lose some inches and weight. So I went back into the gym, I am watching what I am eating, and I even hired a personal trainer. But with all of this, I still found myself wanting a little something more to kick my ass. So I decided to join a class called Bootcamp.