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The Michael Vick Workout

So let’s tackle the burning question every owner and fan has: can Michael Vick perform on the gridiron? Does Mike Vick still have the Michael Jackson moves that made him a moon-walking lethal weapon on Sundays? Or have his football skills eroded? Can he throw the ball nowadays…is he still fast like flash? Well my […]

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Suitcase Workout

The contributing factors to the suitcase’s effectiveness as a workout tool are 1) its natural cumbersome nature, 2) the variations in weight that can be achieved and 3) the uniqueness of the movements that can be performed with the luggage. Now yes of course you have to get over the initial feeling of “this is silly I’m training with grandma’s suitcase”. But after you come to terms with that awkwardness you will come to find this out of the box training a real strength gainer. So here’s the work out I performed immediately following my landing and boy did the folks at baggage claim think I was weird.

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Working Out in Tampa Bay

I’ve been working out mostly in Tampa Bay for the past couple of years. I think it’s a great place to get in shape while getting a nice tan. The weather is usually perfect for a workout. And if you are like me and like to sweat, then the Tampa heat will definitely get you […]

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A Quick 20 Minute Memorial Day Workout

Don’t Succumb to the Memorial Day Binge Memorial Day is right around the corner. With that comes the beer, hot dogs, juices, and the burgers. Some people might have already started the partying on Friday and extended it into a weekend party/food fest. I can envision the BBQ’s blazing and the meat sizzling. It’s a […]

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Building The Ultimate Bicep

The secret to cultivating the pulsating peaks that are attached to your femurs* is a routine I like to call: Shock and Rest. The first stage of course is the unavoidable Shock portion. Let us take a look at a workout plan that will make your peep squeak arms a thing of the past. “Bicep […]

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Cut the B.S. and Get Fit!

Many people ask me “What’s a good workout routine?” and it’s hard to explain a lot of times, since everyone’s body types vary so much. What works for one, may not or will not work well for someone else, but what I’ve found through training myself and others, is best summarized in the next few […]

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Morning Routines

Blogging is definitely not the perfect ‘job’ when you are trying to watch your weight. My weight has gotten up to about a steady 215, but ideally 180 is my target. I’ve tried fasting, with the Master Cleanse Diet, however since then I’ve gained the weight back. I’ve also cut down drastically on soda and […]