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Starting the Day with Supplements

For many people, starting the day means taking an over-the-counter (OTC) multivitamin, or vitamins, and various other supplements. After all this, it’s time to go to the gym to get in a early workout session or some jogging time. Well, what should a person really be taking in the morning? First we have to see […]

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Demystifying Nutritional Supplements

Everyone reads the magazines, watches the TV infomercials, reads the hype across the internet about the hottest new supplement. Well, let’s put all this on hold for a second … Think, are you ready for this? Are you ready to put a catalyst into your body that fires you up, and puts you on a […]

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Supplementing with a Fat Burner

I have decided to implement a small change. I started taking a fat burner supplement. It’s supposed to be be an herbal formula that is designed for “optimal diet and energy.” I’m going to be the judge of that. I have a few bottles of fat burners and metabolism boosters to choose from, but I’m […]