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Pushups: Another Reason to Not Email Anyone

My buddy Chato from Mental Health Humor put together another health cartoon. This time he pokes fun at my Blogger Proof Workout where I give advice on doing a certain amount of pushups for every email you send and receive. If you haven’t already, check it out. It’s a quick read. Imagine if you combine […]

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Diet Delusions

Thanks for the warm welcome To FMU! This was going to be my big week to just start right into the a plan and attack my weight issues head on! But, as we all know, life sometimes throws you a curve ball. Sunday I started out in a better mind set. I think that is […]

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Chato as FAT MAN Unleashed, Cartooning True Life!

I feel like a kid in a candy shop… oops bad analogy for weight loss blog. Really, I am thrilled that out of all the hundreds of entries to be a guest cartoonist here at FMU, they picked me… Oh.. there was no contest. Who am I? I’m Chato B Stewart who the hell are […]

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Health Toons Unleashed: The Lemon Diet Works

This cartoon is the first in the new series of Fat Man Unleashed: Health Toons Unleashed web comics/ cartoons. Every so often I will be posting new Health Toons Unleashed. These cartoons will be based on my life, news, and anything health related I can think of. There are no limits to my madness! Why […]