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The First Lady of Fitness

Kathy Kaehler has become somewhat of a legend in the fitness and wellness circles. The 14 year veteran of the Today Show granted me an interview while she was in New York. The first thing that strikes you when you speak to the Michigan native is her “realness” no cream puff filling here folks. She […]

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A Nutritious Conversation with Dr. Sheila Dean

Dr. Sheila Dean DSc, RD, LD/N, CCN, CDE is a registered and licensed dietician who owns her own medical nutrition private practice in Palm Harbor, Fla. She is a board certified clinical nutritionist, certified diabetes educator and exercise physiologist. In a recent interview with Fat Man Unleashed writer Elizabeth Perez, Dean answered some lingering questions […]

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Exercise Is Bad for You, Says Expert in Video Interview

In this ground breaking, earth shattering, myth busting, conventional wisdom destroying video interview I was fortunate enough to sit down with someone that has great insight into the health, fitness, and exercise world as we know it. The following is a video interview I conducted about two weeks ago. The most interesting comment is that […]

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ZocDoc Interview, Online Dentist and Doctor Appointment Booking

ZocDoc is a website that focuses on providing its visitors with the ability to find a dentist or doctor and then scheduling an appointment online for free. ZocDoc Interview 1. What is ZocDoc? If you’ve ever needed a doctor and didn’t know how to find one, or couldn’t find a good one, or couldn’t find […]

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Former Fat Guy Rob Cooper On Mental Mindset

This is the final part of a three part interview with Rob Cooper of The past two interviews focused on his fitness and nutrition, this time we will focus on his mental mindset. How important is the mental aspect to your training and nutritional program? How you think, and more importantly, what you think […]

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Former Fat Guy Rob Cooper On Diet and Nutrition

Last week I posted a fitness interview with Rob Cooper. He is the guy that lost 300 lbs the natural way. This week we will focus on his diet and nutrition. We can stand to learn something from his weight loss journey. Health wise, I think continual learning is crucial and Rob’s insights provide that. […]

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Former Fat Guy Rob Cooper On Fitness

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Cooper, the Former Fat Guy, about his natural weight loss experience. We covered his fitness, nutrition, and mental health. He is an inspiration to all, he once weighed nearly 500 lbs. 500 POUNDS! It took him only two and half years to drop 300 lbs. Residing […]