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Building Monster Legs or The Definitive Guide to Unleashing Massiveness in Your Tree Trunk Thighs

An Often Neglected Bodypart When you begin bodybuilding, what do you perceive as the most impressive body parts? That’s right: arms and chest. Those are the two body parts most of us get caught up in, because they’re the bodyparts that signal to the world that we are bodybuilders. But then all of a sudden […]

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Building The Ultimate Bicep

The secret to cultivating the pulsating peaks that are attached to your femurs* is a routine I like to call: Shock and Rest. The first stage of course is the unavoidable Shock portion. Let us take a look at a workout plan that will make your peep squeak arms a thing of the past. “Bicep […]

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How to Grow Wings or Get a Wide Back

The ultimate goal for many men is the V-Shape. The V-Shape is created with broad shoulders and a small waist. You learned how to build broad shoulders with this post. To get a small waist, you simply need to follow some of the great weight loss advice here at Fat Man Unleashed. However, what is […]

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Carry The World On Your Shoulders

This is the first of a new series of weekly posts by Kalvin C. Chinyere, M.D. (Dr. Kal). Along with being a Doctor of Medicine, he is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Instructor and personal trainer. To top it all off he was once a fat bastard, […]

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Elastic Resistance Training for Strength Gains

If I told you that you that you can significantly improve your strength simply by using what essentially are elastic bands would you believe me?Sports scientists, personal trainers, physiotherapists and athletes will tell you that it’s true. The basic principle behind training with elastic resistance is simple, as a person stretches the band, the resistance […]

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Tom Platz: The Lumberjack of Quadriceps

Tom Platz was a lumberjack because he chopped and carved his tree trunk thighs into freakdom. One cannot deny his genetic predisposition to develop large muscular thighs. But it was Tom Platz’s barn-burning intensity and sheer bravery to train past the limits of his potential that made his thighs legendary. Platz’s training principle was simple: […]

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Lifting Weights After Surgery

I am so glad that I can workout again. I haven’t been able to lift any weights since my appendix surgery in December. I wanted to and felt I could, but my doctor told me to lay off until January. Well, it’s January dammit and I’m back with a vengeance! There is nothing like lifting […]

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Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Triceps Routine

This is the first in a series of installments that will highlight the greats and the training routines that they employed. Mike Mentzer’s owned a pair of seriously full blown triceps. They were “ham-like” from deltoid to elbow. His triceps we not missing an ounce of development. His triceps sweep was down right scary-good. So […]

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Brain Power Equals Muscle Size

Picking up where I left off yesterday on morphing how the greats trained, brain power can increase muscle size. With that being said, what is the next step in this progression? How infrequent will training become? Will we even touch weights anymore? HA! Blasphemy folks! No, not really. Picture this: mental training, working out in […]

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Morphing How the Original Greats Trained

Hence the timeless logo of, the brain is without a doubt the optimal muscle when it comes to growth. Public opinion on the frequency of working out has changed quite a bit over time. Steve Reeves employed the whole body workout method which didn’t allow for training more than three times a week. That […]

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My Current Fat Man Workout Routine

The following is my new weekly workout routine. I decided to switch things up a bit after reading John’s post about multi-joint exercises. I try to switch things up every six or so weeks so that my body doesn’t adapt. Now was the perfect time. Right now I am going to focus on working in […]