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Plus Up Your Gym Bag Makeover and Giveaway

I recently participated in the Plus Up Your Gym Bag Makeover in which I was sent a gift card so that I can upgrade my gym bag. This was going to be a relatively easy upgrade, since I don’t have a gym bag to begin with. I work out at home for the most part, […]

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Shake Things Up in the Morning

Are you rushing around in the morning? Do you find yourself always missing breakfast? Are you constantly stopping off at that local coffee shop for an overpriced latte that just doesn’t satisfy your hunger? Well, Herbalife may be your beacon in the night…er morning. The Herbalife healthy meal nutritional shake mix may be just what […]

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Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng Review

I am a strong proponent of only drinking water. Juice is a no-no and soda is an absolute sin. Want to lose weight and be healthy? Then don’t consume any liquid besides water, Period, no if’s and or buts. Stop being a pansy and accept the fact that water is Nature’s most perfect beverage. After water whole fruits are an excellent source of liquid nourishment. But if you simply can not resist and must consume beverages other than water I have a few alternatives I can suggest. Maybe this can be a good way to ween off the naughty drinks such as soda, carbohydrate loaded, sugar filled, non-nourishing juices or heaven forbid you are addicted to those demonic energy drinks! Take a walk on the healthy side with me as your guide.

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NuVim Juice/Drink/Beverage Review

So now that I have confronted the fact that I am a beverage fanatic and that my urge to constantly drink is a contributing factor to my over extended gut…what am I gonna do about it? Well drink more beverages of course..duh! I know that many others have the same addiction I have and that transitioning into healthier alternatives can be very difficult.

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Fiji Bottled Water Rap

A few weeks ago I finally tasted Fiji Water for the first time. It did not blow me away to say the least. I was bored after recording the video blog and decided to let loose. The following video is a result of that. RSS readers click here for the video. Disclaimer: This video is […]