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Five More Weeks to be Unleashed on BistroMD

[youtube][/youtube] What up world?! It’s your number one weight loss soldier Frank C, from Fat Man Unleashed, and I have five weeks left on mission, “Death to the Yo-Yo Life”. I finished the first four weeks of my nine weeks to be unleashed on BistroMD, and I have had great results. I lost eight more […]

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Nine Weeks to be Unleashed on BistroMD

[youtube][/youtube] What up world?! It’s your humble weight loss warrior Frank C. from Fat Man Unleashed, on a mission with BistroMD to put a “Death to the Yo-Yo Life” once and for all! I have been on a tough mission, and my time is running out. Six months was the time allotted to me to […]

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BistroMD My Fuel for Fitness

“No citizen has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates Who do you think you are? Who do you think, people think you are? […]

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Week 13, Lunch for the Whole Team on BistroMD

[youtube][/youtube] Hello world! It’s your main man Frank C. with another exciting update on my mission with BistroMD. I have been fighting hard in this war, but I am not alone! I have my team out here with me. They have done such a great job on this mission to put a “Death to the […]

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Week 12, I Have a Crazy Story to Tell While On BistroMD

Hello everyone, me again, Frank C. with Fat Man Unleashed. I have a new and crazy story of my mission with BistroMD. I thought about writing this for a while, but I didn’t know if I should. After long contemplation I decided I should be open and honest with you. On Sunday morning, October 31st […]

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Week 11, I Need All Your Questions for BistroMD

What’s up world?! It’s Mr. G.I. Joe, Frank C. with Fat Man Unleashed here with an exciting update on my mission with BistroMD. I have been going full force, not settling for mediocrity. I have taken on a great mission and BistroMD has given me all the supplies I need. My parents have always taught […]

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Week 10, Give Thanks and Say Amen for BistroMD

What up world!! It’s the young soldier Frank C. from Fat Man Unleashed. Here to give another status report of my time on the battle ground with BistroMD. Things have been rough these last couple of weeks. With so much work to do in my day I find myself overwhelmed at times. For a moment […]

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Week Nine, Take a Glimpse into My Time with BistroMD

[youtube][/youtube] What up world?! How are you guys?! I am still fighting strong on my mission with BistroMD to put a “Death to the Yo-Yo- Life” once and for all! I have been dropping and average of three pounds a week and I plan on continuing in that pattern. People who see me around Tampa, […]

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Week Eight, Someone Stole My Whole Case of BistroMD!!

Hello my weight loss warriors! It’s me again, Frank C. from Fat Man Unleashed with another update on the status of mission, “Death to the Yo-Yo Life.” This week has been quite a surprise. I have learned a few good lessons along the way. One is to keep a close eye on what is important […]

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Week seven, and I Am in Heaven with BistroMD

Hello everyone!! It is me again, your fellow soldier Frank C. of Fat Man Unleashed on a mission with BistroMD to put a, “Death to the Yo-Yo Life!” Things have been going exactly as planned. At this rate I believe I should complete my mission before the end of 2010. I look forward to that […]

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Week Six, and I Am Loving Each Dish on BistroMD

Good day fellow fat loss warriors! It’s me again Frank C. I am still fighting hard in this war, and I will continue to do so until the very last minute. I am very excited to see so much progress in such little time. BistroMD has supplied me with my weaponry, and each day I […]

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Week Five, I Feel Happy and Alive On BistroMD

[youtube][/youtube] It’s me again, your humble and loyal warrior Frank C. from Fat Man Unleashed. I am still fighting strong to put a, “Death to the Yo-Yo Life” and I am on this mission with BistroMD. The war is between my old self, and my new self. I have faced some tough moments, and a […]

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Week Four and Down Four More Pounds with BistroMD

What’s up people?! I hope you all are as hyped about life as I am right now! I feel like a new man already! I have managed to lose 15 pounds in the last four weeks, but most importantly, I feel energized! Look at all the exclamation points in my first paragraph, can’t you tell […]

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Had a Cheat Meal and Still Beat the Scale

Hello world! I just finished my third week on BistroMD and things are going great. I have lost 11 pounds total and I feel awesome. My clothes are fitting more loosely, my face is looking skinny, and my energy is increasing. Also people are already noticing the difference. BistroMD has made this fight much easier […]

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I Eat Five Star Meals Five Times a Day from BistroMD

So it’s been the first week, and I have to say I am loving the “Five Star Life.” These meals are so delicious and there is so much of it! I am not exaggerating! While eating some of the meals, I almost feel as if I am eating too much. Then I look at the nutrition facts, and none are more than 450 calories. They say I can add a salad to my meals but I find myself asking why?

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Bistro MD Diet Delivery Review

In my years of dieting I have tried many types of approaches. In the beginning, I was not very knowledgeable in the area of health, so I just thought to starve myself. After taking time to read magazines, books, watch videos, and just talk to people about weight loss I learned I was making numerous […]