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5 lbs of Fat vs 5 lbs of Water

[youtube][/youtube] The look on Frank’s face says it all. Frank C. was on a road trip to visit the offices of Bistro MD and Cederquist Medical Wellness Center in Naples, FL. Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., Founder of BistroMD and Medical Director of the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center schooled Frank on what 5 pounds of fat […]

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Skinny Does Not = Fit

One of the advantages of working for a large corporation is the extra perks that come with it. When I worked for HBO Sports a few years ago (a division of the Time Warner media conglomerate), I was able to use the company gym for very small fee. If my memory serves me right, H.R. […]

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How To Do Burpees in Bad Form at 284 Lbs

Did you ever want to learn how to do a burpee? How about I show you how to do a burpee with bad form. Then maybe you can work on the right form. I’ll post a video of me doing some burpees in good form later this week. I’ve been doing them for several months now, ever since I was 300+ lbs. I decided to make a quick video to see what I looked like performing a burpee. The video doesn’t lie and although my left pec is hurt as I’m doing them, I won’t use that as an excuse. I noticed some major flaws in my technique.

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Introducing A Former Fat Man

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Frank Cruz a former fat man who’s almost completely unleashed. Those cold chains of confinement are weakening little by little. I have been tied down and boxed in for many years. Consumed with exaggerated amounts of food, my stomach was a lot like a bottomless pit. I […]

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I Am BBW Lover and Chubby Chaser Indeed

Just recently at an outdoor cafe, as I got an eye full of a most delightful treat that wasn’t on the menu walk by, my friend Tommy called me a chubby chaser. To which I responded “What me? No way!” But he insisted with vigor and laughter: “You are a BBW lover dude”. BBW stands […]

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Why I Hate Fat People or the Discipline Switch

If I see an obese person outside I look at them in disgust. I hate it when I see them eating at buffets, pigging out, and at fast food restaurants. I especially hate it when I’m at Wal-Mart and I see some fat lady riding around in one of those automatic wheeler cart thingies. JUST […]

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I’ve been called lardass more times in my life than I care to remember. It’s been the default joke thrown my way since elementary school when as a 5th grader and sat on a table in the back of the classroom, collapsing it. What was I thinking? An overweight kid sitting on a flimsy fold-up […]

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As the Fat Turns…

That’s a random title if I ever saw one! I just liked the way it sounded and wanted to post something real quick since it’s been a while. Things have been extremely busy, so I have neglected blogging for a while. I finally have things under control, I think, and will be able to blog […]

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7 Reasons You’re Fat and Why You’ll Probably Stay Fat

We fat people are a minority. We are looked upon as different. Kids look at us differently. Adults look at us differently. Its a sad fact that people are judged on their appearance in today’s modern society, even after all the talks of “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Today I’m going to give […]

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Am I Too Fat for Health Insurance?

Last night I rented the movie SiCKO by Michael Moore. I had heard about it a few months ago but didn’t think to go see it at the theater. I usually deem movies DVD worthy then wait for their release to rent them via Block Buster Video. Anyway, I knew what it was about and […]

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Don’t Ignore the Man Boobs on My Chest

Yes, that’s right. I have man boobs. I may not be proud of them, but I have enough guts to show them off to the world. The only reason I am displaying my man boobs is because I want to feel pressured into losing them. I have had my man boobs, or moobs, for a […]

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Stretch Marks Are My Biggest Regret

I have some of the ugliest stretch marks known to man. It’s rather disgusting and repulsive. Of all the things I have regretted about letting myself get so overweight, it’s my stretch marks that I regret the most. I have bunch of them along my sides that wrap around my love handles. I also have […]

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Day 1 of Forever: Before Pictures

What a day. It started out wrong. Things didn’t feel right. I was dreading waking up today because I knew that I had to begin my lifestyle change. Last night I was craving some Dominoes Pizza. I even ordered it , but it never came. I guess it was fate that didn’t let it come. […]