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The Mentality of Change

How many times have we told ourselves that we want change? We tell ourselves we don’t want to be lazy anymore or that we don’t want to be fat and out of shape. We are tired of lounging around without purpose. We think about it and talk about it like it’s some sort of distant […]

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How Are You Dealing with Weight Issues?

If you are like me, this time of the year is really bad for you. With all of the holidays, the cold weather, and the overall laziness that ensues around this time of year…it’s hard to stay motivated. So how are you dealing with weight loss issues right about now? Share some of your tricks, […]

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The Power of the Mind

In order to take control of your life, you must first take control of yourself. In order to take control of yourself, you must first take control of your body. In order to take control of your body, you must first take control of your mind, and to take control of your mind, you must first change your way of thinking. When you think about yourself, or your life, or your family, or anything in your environment, do you think as a pessimist, or as an optimist?

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Over Dieting and Dieting OCD

Is there such a thing as over dieting? Feeling guilty for eating even the slightest of foods? Not eating at all? Well, I’ve been feeling really guilty after eating just about anything. It’s almost like I want to not eat. I know better than that, I’m just talking out loud. Watch the video so that […]

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Why I Hate Fat People or the Discipline Switch

If I see an obese person outside I look at them in disgust. I hate it when I see them eating at buffets, pigging out, and at fast food restaurants. I especially hate it when I’m at Wal-Mart and I see some fat lady riding around in one of those automatic wheeler cart thingies. JUST […]

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I’m Afraid of Being Under 300 Lbs.

I have come to the conclusion that I may be subconsciously afraid of weighing under 300 lbs. It’s been a while since I weighed under that elusive number. I have actually lost track of how long it’s been, but I know it’s been a long time. I started realizing this yesterday when I sat down […]

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Human Weapon is a Test of Inner Warriorness

A buddy put me on to a new show called Human Weapon. The premise of the show is two athletes fly around the world, learn the locations fighting style, and then compete against trained experts in the field. I must say it’s simply amazing. It’s like the best show ever. If I had to make […]

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Stretch Marks Are My Biggest Regret

I have some of the ugliest stretch marks known to man. It’s rather disgusting and repulsive. Of all the things I have regretted about letting myself get so overweight, it’s my stretch marks that I regret the most. I have bunch of them along my sides that wrap around my love handles. I also have […]